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Kyle Wigley

Retrospective #1

retrospective1 min read

This is my first retrospective!

Retrospectives are a place for me to reflect on things I've learned or experienced on a regular basis. It will also be cool to be able to look back at these and see the progress I've made as a engineer and human. With that in mind, these "retros" are written as if I'm the only person reading these, which will probably be the case for a very long time.

Retrospectives are certainly not my idea. I've been following Cory Zue's for quite some time and think it is an awesome idea. I will note that the format and cadence of these retro's will change almost every iteration.


I want list my immediate short term personal goals and reflect how well I did in reaching them. This first retro will be the starting point and I will reflect, add, reevaluate goals in sequential retros.

  1. get involved in the local developer community in Philadelphia in some way
  2. read (listen?) to a fiction book
  3. publish something on GitHub related to Docker
  1. get involved in the local developer community in Philadelphia in some way

I want to see what I can offer and what I can take away from the developer community in Philadelphia. I've never explored meet-ups, hack-a-thons, or really anything related to what I do for a living in the community I live in.

  1. read (listen?) to a fiction book

Quite simply, I haven't read a fictional book in a very, very long time. It might be good for me, I will find out.

  1. publish something on GitHub related to Docker

I want to be more familiar with Docker and I have this idea to create a dockerized SaaS boilerplate application with django & React.js and just toss it on my GitHub. I think it could be helpful not only for me, but for other people as well.


Here I want to see where I spend most of my time on things in my life and where I can improve my productivity.

Nothing to report here, yet.


Yo, life is sweet right now. I'm currently spending a month in Europe and working remotely. I've made weekend trips to Cologne, Munich, and Zurich and plan on visiting Amsterdam and Luxembourg.